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Return Policy

Clearomizers and tanks: Despite our best efforts, you may get a defective clearomizer or tank (rare). If your clearomizer is defective and inoperable, we will replace it immediately. Just let us know. If you use strictly Cloud Tech Vapes (CTV) vape juice, then we will guarantee your clearomizer for 10 days. If it fails within 10 days, we will replace it at no charge.

If you use non-CTV juice, we cannot guarantee your clearomizer beyond the arrival.

Please listen to the staff when they attempt to ascertain the proper product to suit your needs. It may seem like they are grilling you but they are just trying to make sure you purchase what you actually want. Since we don't provide refunds on "it just wasn't enough vapor", we try to provide the right product for your needs. We want you to walk out with what works best for you, so you don't stop vaping without actually trying what you were seeking in the first place. Trust soon as we can afford the stock and have the same manufacture guarantees as Best Buy, we will have the same return policy as them.

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