SVRF - Satisfying - ejuice

SVRF - Satisfying - ejuice




Saveurvape’s newest fruit & beverage flavored vape juice will leave you completely satisfied. SVRF Satisfying e-liquid has a delicious flavor combination of ripe raspberries and sweet dragon fruit tea that is unlike anything you have had today!  We are so excited an e-juice company finally decided to release a dragon fruit flavored vape juice. If you have not had dragon fruit before, then the best way to explain its flavor is it taste like a fruit mixture of a kiwi and pear that is absolutely incredible. Get your vape thirst satisfied today with SVRF Satisfying vape juice!


If you love the taste of freshly made fruit tea, then you will not regret vaping the e-liquid SVRF Satisfying. The name perfectly explains how you will feel after vaping this incredibly delectable fruit beverage e-juice! When you begin to vape SVRF Satisfying vape juice, you will first taste the flavor of sweet ripened raspberries but, before you start to think it is over you will be complimented with the taste of mouth-watering dragon fruit tea. This is one fruit e-juice that is better vaped then try to explain. SVRF Satisfying pairs well with the other Saveurvape flavor SVRF Refreshing as they both have incredible fruit combination vape flavors!


SVRF Satisfying e-juice is currently offered in nicotine level options of 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. So there is almost certainly an option for everybody to try this incredible flavor at least once! Try one of the only dragon fruit vape juice flavors that you can find almost anywhere. What are you waiting for? Pick up as many bottles as you can!


*Nicotine - 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

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