SVRF - Refreshing - ejuice

SVRF - Refreshing - ejuice




You are going to one to get your hands on the newest and freshest fruit vape juice carried by Cloud Tech Vapes, SVRF Refreshing! This delicious fruit blended e-liquid takes three of the juiciest fruits and encapsulated them into Saveurvape’s newest e-juice SVRF Refreshing. The three fruits that you can taste when you vape this e-juice is papaya, mango and cantaloupe. If you are a fan of multi-fruit blended vape juices like one of the most popular e-juice lines PachaMama, then look no further. SVRF Refreshing keeps getting better and better each time you vape it. It will not disappoint. Get fruity today with Saveurvape SVRF Refreshing!


If there is one thing you should do today, it is to try Saveurvape’s freshest fruit e-liquid SVRF Refreshing. Once you start to vape SVRF Refreshing e-liquid, you will first notice the sweetness of a fresh papaya fruit, then you will get hints of a juicy mango and followed by the sweet savory taste of a ripe cantaloupe. This is one e-juice that just keeps getting better after each hit. You will detect more distinctly each fruit taste the longer you vape SVRF Refreshing. This refreshing vape juice pairs well with the fruit and dessert taste of SVRF Balanced. It is one tropical mixture vape juice that taste like a fruity Pina Colada.


We caution when mixing e-liquids to be careful of it getting on your skin. What are you waiting for? Pick up the newest fruity combination e-juice by SVRF before they are all gone! 


*Nicotine -0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg.


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