Cyclops Vapor - Artemis - ejuice

Cyclops Vapor - Artemis - ejuice


Cyclops Vapor:




This blend perfectly captures the expansive domain of Artemis and the mingling of the moon, and sun domain of her twin, Apollo.

Artemis… protector of wild beasts.


Her domain is the flowing hills and windy heights of the virgin wilderness – touched only by the crisp golden rays of the sun and the purest silver light of the moon. She is the howl of the winds through the valley and the yellow glare in the eye of the lynx. Experience the Majesty of the Mistress of Animals.


Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored ejuice with a delicate blend of subtle berry hints mingled with the baked crust traditional to cobblers, mixed together into what one might describe as that of liquid gold.


*Nicotine - 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

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